audio / visual production of FAITH

RATO PACHHAURI-A tale of Turmoil, Temptation and Triumph-2023

Rato Pachhauri is a short film manifesting struggle in life of female sex workers to live their 
rights and provisions fully. The film was selected for the Eurofilm Festival 2024.  

ATMAJANMA – Consciousness of one’s identity – 2023

ATMAJANMA – Consciousness of one’s identity

Written & directed
Miraz Roshan
Laurel For Selection- NHRIFF 2023

KOKH – A womb (Short Film) – 2017

Sex-work is illegal in Nepal making them vulnerable to systematic violence and discrimination. Widespread discrimination deters their healthcare access and, as a result, has poor health outcomes. Every woman has the right to access safe and legal abortion services. This short film titled “KOKH – A womb” follows the conversation of two female sex-workers Reema and Illa after one of them gets pregnant again. It was official selection at Kathmandu/Pokhara International Mountain Film festival; Ekadeshma film festival. It is developed under the project “Advocacy to increase resources for SRHR services for HIV KP in Nepal” with support from AmplifyChange.

Asmi – 2016

A documentary titled “Asmi” was developed is to present the situation of commercial Female sex workers (FSWs) in Nepal; violation of their sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), their human rights. This documentary will be used as an advocacy material at national and international level for the SRHR of FSWs. It was developed under the project titled “Advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights of people living with HIV and other HIV vulnerable groups” with support from AmplifyChange.

Mentoring for Improved Emergency Maternal and Newborn Care – 2016

A documentary on the effectiveness of project titled “Mentoring for Improved Emergency Maternal and Newborn Care” in improving SRHR of adolescents and youth in Nepal. It was developed for GFA Consulting Group.

Role model (Short Film) – 2012

A short documentary titled “Role model” presenting the story of a man was in Methadone program; living with HIV and now a role model to many. It is also available in the website of Ministry of Health, Germany. It was developed with support from GIZ.