Advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights of people living with HIV and other HIV vulnerable groups.


  • To advocate for increase resources and access of comprehensive SRH services targeting women living with HIV, female sex workers, female who use drugs and other HIV KP.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased individual and agency awareness on SRHR
  • Increased access to resources and services related to SRHR
  • Lobby to include WLHIV and HIV KP in the “Reproductive Health Right bills 2016”

Expected Outputs:

  • Develop 40 master trainers on SRHR of WLHIV and HIV KAP from the related community based organizations (CBOs).
  • A formative research report on accessibility and utilization of the available SRH services by HIV KP is available.
  • Total 210 representatives from WLHIV, HIV KAP community consulted on comprehensive reproductive health bill 2016 through consultative workshops covering all 7 provinces of Nepal. A consolidated report with key recommendations readily available and shared with relevant stakeholders.
  • Sensitized 200 individuals i.e. parliamentarians, media personnel, NGOs working in HIV and SRH on SRHR of WLHIV and HIV Key populations to include the target populations in the comprehensive health bill 2016 using the reports of the formative research and community consultation.
  • Continued lobbing to include WLHIV and HIV Key populations in the comprehensive health bill 2016.