Advocacy to increase resources for SRHR services for HIV KAP in Nepal.

Advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights of people living with HIV and other HIV vulnerable groups. (current one)


  • To advocate for increase resources and access of comprehensive SRH services targeting Women Living with HIV (WLHIV), female sex workers (FSWs), female who use drugs (FWUDs) and LGBTI.


  • Access to comprehensive reproductive health services
  • Challenging stigma, discrimination, attitudes and laws


  • One research report available on the access and utilization of the available SRH services by WLHIV, HIV KAP in Nepal.
  • Consult with 210 WLHIV, FSWs, FWUDs and LGBTI individual on draft Reproductive Health Bill to incorporate our recommendations in the bill.
  • Reach 200 individuals from parliament, media, organizations who working in SRH and HIV program to develop and established more inclusive networks and partnerships for SRHR of the targeted beneficiaries.
  • Train 40 individuals from the WLHIV, FSWs, FWUDs community as master trainers on SRHR of HIV KP.