Conference/Workshops/media activities

  1. Gaps analysis (Programmatic and resource) of Global Fund Round 7 HIV component program; supported by GIZ BACKUP; 2010.
  2. Supported in development of Global Fund Round 10 HIV proposal by conducting community dialogues with the civil society, NGOs working in HIV; supported by National Centre for AIDS and STD Control and GIZ BACKUP; 2010.
  3. Design and developed three different types of IEC materials to raise HIV awareness and promote adoption of safe health and health care seeking behaviors among the Female Injecting drug Users in Nepal; supported by UNODC; 2009.
  4. “Mass Media Campaign on drug led harm” to create an enabling environment for implementation of harm reduction services in Nepal and to advocate for these services targeting people who use drugs through posters campaign, Radio PSA and TV PSA; Supported by Recovering Nepal/ UNDP; 2008.
  5. Managed “Third National AIDS Conference”, with main theme Towards Universal Access – Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support; organized by HIV/AIDS and STI control Board, and National Centre for AIDS and STD Control; supported by various multi/bilateral agencies, INGOs; 2008.
  6. Organized the regional pre conference on “HIV and AIDS in Migrant Population of Far-Western Region of Nepal”; supported by Regional Directorate of Far Western Region and CARE Nepal; 2007.
  7. Organized a brain storming workshop on “Corporate Collaborative Initiative” to sensitize, motivate and bring corporate sector in HIV program; supported by National Centre for AIDS and STD Control, ILO and UNAIDS; 2007.
  8. Organized endorsement program of “SangSangai” – an innovative, interactive tool for communicating about HIV prevention, sexual and reproductive health in particular for adolescents by the wider stakeholders working in the field of HIV; supported by GIZ; 2007.
  9. Organized mass media related activities like press conference, TV interaction program to incorporate the issues of marginalized communities in the new constitution of Nepal; supported by Recovering Nepal/UNDP; 2007.