audio / visual production of FAITH

Labour of Love – 2006

“Labour of Love”, workplace advocacy documentary on HIV was developed for International Labor Organization.

Prathana (Song) – 2006

“Prathana” a spiritual motivating song about empowerment of people who use drugs and people living with HIV. It was written by Anjay Kumar K.C; composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya; sang, video visualized by FAITH team.  It was partially supported by Save the Children, Norway. It was nominated for the Image Music Video Award 2007.

HIV/AIDS in Far-West – 2006

HIV/AIDS in Far-West” is the first documentary of FAITH. It portrays scenario of women living in far western region of Nepal; their vulnerability for HIV infection. FAITH shares special connection with the far west region as we started our journey from here. The video was developed by FAITH itself. Its 200 DVDs was distributed among wider stakeholders with support from UNDP.