audio / visual production of FAITH

Public Audit -2010

A documentary on Public Audit – promoting it as a tool in achieving socio economic development goals of the programmes by reducing corruption and irregularity while promoting accountability, ownership and transparency. It was supported by GIZ – PASRA.

faces of the shadows (Short Film) – 2010

A documentary titled “faces of the shadows” to advocate about issues of Women Living with HIV, female who use drugs, and female in prison was developed with support from UNODC. It was an official selection of IHRA’s 22nd Annual International Conference 2011 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Expression of repression – 2010

A video titled “Expression of repression” was developed for the Art exhibition portraying people and their emotions from the HIV KP; an innovative initiation in HIV intervention using the medium of art.

Arko Upaya -The Other Choice – 2009

A documentary on Oral Substitution therapy titled Arko Upaya -The other choice”. It describes concept of methadone as oral substitution therapy for people who inject drugs in Nepal. It was supported by GIZ. It was an official selection of IHRA’s 21st Annual International Conference 2010 in Liverpool, UK.

Nepal Red Cross society – 2009

A short film on “Nepal Red Cross society” for knowledge management and communicating information about the services of the organization.

Piyush – 2009

A television Public Social Announcement for “Piyush” – a water purifier developed for Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO).